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Why hire a Coder Space graduate?

Coder Space boot camp courses are designed with you in mind. From day one, our students learn to think like a software engineer and, through expert-led sessions, gain the invaluable technical knowledge and soft skills required to fit into your existing teams, as well as participate in extracurricular activities to broaden their horizons.

The skills you need

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the employer so your new junior developers can be productive from day one.

We only take the best

Our graduates are the cream of the crop. We only take the most dedicated, committed people on to our programmes.

Hiring made easy

We make the process of hiring our graduates really simple. You get access to a their CV, portfolio of completed work and a chance to meet several graduates at one of our lunchtime or evening networking events as well as our unique insight on the graduates.

Our hiring partners & network

Some of the companies and organisations we work with...