Why choose Coder Space?

On our boot camp you will be learning cutting edge technologies and practices used by the likes of Facebook, Google and Uber. The boot camp is delivered by industry expert instructors in the heart of Liverpool's tech scene. This boot camp is the lowest cost like-for-like course in the UK and to top it off we offer a 50% refund guarantee.

Job guarantee

We are confident that our successful graduates will receive a suitable job offer within six months of completing the course. In fact, we are so confident that, if you don't, we will refund half of your course fee.

Lowest cost

We are the lowest cost, like-for-like coding boot camp in the UK. Our course fee is at least 40% less than our nearest competitor in the UK. Currently, our 13 week boot camp costs £5,000 including VAT.

Be an ambassador

Refer a new applicant onto the same course and receive a £500 reduction in your course fee. With further reductions available for multiple referrals.

Growing tech hub

Our boot camp in the bustling tech hub of Liverpool will give you the network needed to jump start your career and with talks and meetups from some of the brightest minds in the North West, there's always something going on. 

It's not all work

We know that doing a boot camp is a big commitment and it will probably be the most intense 13-weeks of your life so we do our best to make it as enjoyable as possible, from pizza Fridays to our table football or darts tournaments.

How we compare

Attending any full time boot camp is a big, life-changing commitment. So, to better inform your decision, we have detailed below how we compare with some other UK boot camp providers of a similar course.

On-site course length (weeks): 13 12 12 12 12
Days per week: 5 5 6 5 5
Total hours of instruction: 650 570 792 420 540
Cost (including VAT): £5000 £6000 £8000 £9000 £9000
Cost per hour of instruction: £7.69 £10.53 £10.10 £21.43 £16.67
Coder Space is less expensive by: n/a 42% 39% 71% 63%

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